Saturday, May 21, 2011

GeT to Kn0w me~

The crown in the picture above is not real crown. It's a ring! huhu... I wish I could wear it to my wedding. (future ok? ) :p

Hey there! This is my first personal blog. Well, I already have a blog but that is not a life-story blog. Having a complicated life makes me feel that I also need to have one blog to share my life journey.

Wow, ...princess? Haha.. I may not be a true princess. I dont even have a beautiful crown like Princess Mia in Princess diaries has. And my name isnt something even related to Princess or Puteri or Putri at all. But we might be a princess to someone in our lives. Isnt it too good to be true? :)

La Princessa De Amor = The Princess Of Love.. My roomate glanced at those words and asked me, ' Hey does it mean that the princess is in love??? " Lol... nope, it's not exactly the meaning. But it's true. The princess is in love.. with herself. (Narcissicm like what miss nina always calls me. huhu), with someone, and with the world around her. Yes, I am the one who easily get off problems.. So even there are times when i feel that im so bored doing the same thing everyday.. But actually im happy with what im doing. One of my friends said to me.. " You are lucky. You have money, you have wonderful friends, you have someone who loves u....and ur life is happy." Well, maybe my life seems superior to someone who is pathetic. Yea to be honest.. im contented, Alhamdulillah. But life is not that easy.. I do have problems. problems. and problems.

So, this is the first story for my diary. Thanks for reading :)


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